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SOS Clinics Homeless Again - We Need Your Help
CSTAR Animal Care's Spay Our Strays Clinics are once again without a home. La Quinta Inn of Runnemede unexpectedly closed just after New Year's after a change in management fell through, leaving the Spay Our Strays Clinic with nowhere to go.
As we continue our tireless search for a new long-term location, thanks to the kindess of the owner of Sterling Storage in Hi-Nella, we have a temporary location for the spring while we look for a new long-term home.
For now, the upcoming mini and mega clinics will be held at our temporary clinic location at Sterling Storage in Hi-Nella.
We are very, very grateful to Sterling Storage for very generously allowing us to use their main office building as our surgery and recovery suite so we can at least keep smaller versions of our clinics going for now.
However, unless we can find a larger, long-term venue in the very near future, where we can have enough space to hold full-size high-volume clinics again, we will not be able to continue offering services at our current prices.
Help Us Find A Permanent Home - Building Requirements
Unfortunately, it has proven to be extremely difficult to find a location which allows animals, is affordable, is available on weekends, and has adequate space for the high volume of cats and dogs that we help.
So, if anyone knows of any available community buildings, rental halls, or buildings for sale or lease with owners or landlords who would might be willing to donate the building or rent out the space to our organization at a very reduced rent, please contact us as soon as possible at (856) 537-8729.
In order to ensure a proper environment for the animals and caregivers that attend our clinic, we need a location which:
  • Is at least 2,500 to 3,600 square feet, with mostly open space, all at ground level
  • Has heat, air-conditioning, running water, electricity, and bathrooms near an entrance (so they would be accessible to the public and clinic staff)
  • Has a parking lot, or is near a parking lot that we would be able to utilize, for at least 15-45 cars
  • Is located in central Camden County, preferably near a major highway - near where Route 295 and Route 30 intersect (somewhere in between Runnemede/Barrington and Lindenwold) would be our ideal location
  • Has at least 200-300 square feet of secure storage space to store our equipment and supplies in between clinics (or has a spot near the entrance where we could setup a large cargo container)
  • Has availability on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM (there are 16 to 20 clinics a year (8 to 10 Saturday mini clinics and 8 to 10 Sunday mega clinics)
You can download our full building requirements and clinic sample layouts for more details and to get a better idea of the layout of the space we need.
Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Is In High Demand
In June 2017, 6 months after losing our Lindenwold clinic location, the SOS Clinic settled into our new home at La Quinta Inn of Runnemede. We were able to spay/neuter over 1,000 more cats and dogs throughout the rest of the year, bringing our totals up to more than 5,100 spay/neuter surgeries and over 8,600 appointments for spay/neuter, vaccines, and other basic veterinary services in the 80 clinics since we became part of CSTAR Animal Care in 2013. While we were at La Quinta Inn, we had one of our biggest clinics ever, fixing 178 cats in one day while providing vaccines and other services for another 75 cats and dogs.
The need for low-cost spay/neuter and vaccines is still growing, and every year our clinics get busier and busier. But, if we can't find another location, we will not be able to meet the needs of the caregivers and companion animals in our community. Please help us find a new home for clinic.
Contractors Needed
CSTAR is currently in need of general contractors to help us with walk-throughs on potential future clinic locations, identifying repairs/renovations which may be needed, and estimating the related costs of those repairs/renovations.
Once we secure a new location, we will also be looking for contractors to perform the repairs/renovations needed.
If you are interested in helping, please contact us at (856) 537-8729 or at info@cstarnj.org.
Volunteers Needed
Volunteering your time is one of the most valuable ways you can help animals in need. Dedicated volunteers are what makes it possible for CSTAR to save so many lives, and you can be a part of this extraordinary effort. You can make a tremendous difference by volunteering for just a few hours each month.
Currently, CSTAR has the greatest need for assistance with:
  • Organizing smaller events/fundraisers
  • Event planning/organizing large fundraisers
  • Online advertising/marketing/social media
CSTAR is also looking for volunteers to help out at the monthly clinics. There is a station for everyone at the clinic - whether you prefer working with caregivers, being more hands-on with the cats and dogs, or sticking with paperwork, there are are so many different ways that you can help.
If you are interested in volunteering with CSTAR, please contact us at volunteers@cstarnj.org.
New Mailing Address
CSTAR Animal Care has a new mailing address:

  • CSTAR Animal Care
    190 Warwick Rd
    Unit 615
    Stratford, NJ 08084
Remember, this is just CSTAR's mailing address - NOT the clinic location.
Online Donations Are Crucial To Sustaining Our Program!
Our make a difference web pages are up and running along with our online donation form. You'll see all the different ways you can make a difference and save a life, such as trying out our new online donation form, volunteering, adopting, making a recurring or honorary donation, and talking with your employer about charitable giving and company match programs.

Learn more about us and see statistics on how many animals we have helped, and the significant role our clinics have played in TNR efforts in our community.
CSTAR Holiday Pet Photos
Halloween Pet Photos With Mr. Bones
CSTAR Holiday Pet Photos
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Halloween Pet Photos With Mr. Bones
Haunted Farm Halloween Pet Photos With Mr. Bones
Holiday Pet Photos At Lawnside PetSmart And Voorhees Vet
Holiday Pet Photos At Lawnside PetSmart & Voorhees Vet
For a small donation, you can help us provide low-cost spay/neuter surgery and services for cats and dogs AND get a fantastic photo! So, bring your pets, your kids - the whole family to our next pet photo event.
More pet photo dates are coming soon.
More pet photo dates are coming soon.
More pet photo dates are coming soon. We'll be back for fun-filled pet photo events with your Furr-vorite Valentine, Catnip the Cat!
More pet photo dates are coming soon. We'll be back for fun-filled pet photo events with St. Paddy and the Easter Bunny!
More pet photo dates are coming soon. We'll be back for summer fun with Catnip the Cat and her 8 piece string bikini!
More pet photo dates are coming soon. We'll be back for fun-filled pet photo events with Mr. Bones and his haunted farm!
More pet photo dates are coming soon. We'll be back for the holiday season with Santa Claus and a surprise Hanukkah guest!
More pet photo dates are coming soon. We'll be back for the holiday season with Santa Claus and Gimel the Dreidel!
CSTAR Pet Photos
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Halloween Photos at
La Quinta Inn of Runnemede
Meet Mr. Bones at our haunted farm on
Saturday, October 21, 2017, 1pm - 3pm
La Quinta Inn & Suites
109 East Ninth Ave
Runnemede, NJ 08078
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Voorhees Vet Free Cat And Dog Care Seminars
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