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Spay Our Strays Clinic Services
CSTAR Animal Care offers various services for both cats and dogs through the Spay Our Strays Clinic program. In addition to low-cost canine and feline spay/neuter surgery, we offer vaccinations, FIV/FeLV testing (cats), heartworm testing and preventives (dogs), lyme testing (dogs), flea/tick treatment, ear exam/ear cleaning, ear mite treatment, deworming, nail trimming, microchipping, and more.
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Spay/Neuter Surgery - Starting At Just $55 Per Cat
Each of our high-volume Mega Spay/Neuter Clinics provides 100-150 cats with affordable spay/neuter surgery at just $55 per cat. This $55 price is available for all cats - pet, stray, and feral, and it includes free FVRCP (distemper) and rabies vaccinations as well as eartipping for feral cats.
For dog spay/neuter surgery, and for cat spay/neuter surgery that can't wait until the next mega clinic, we offer smaller Mini Spay/Neuter Clinics. The cat and dog mini clinic spay/neuter prices vary based on sex and weight, but always include free DAPPV (distemper/parvo) and rabies vaccinations for dogs and free FVRCP (distemper) and rabies vaccinations for cats as well as eartipping for feral cats.
Don't Wait! Fix Your Cats And Kittens At 3-4 Months Old
We recommending spaying/neutering healthy kittens when they are between 3 and 4 months old, as long as they are at least 2 1/2 pounds (kittens usually achieve this weight when they are 8-12 weeks old). Females can begin going into heat and males can begin impregnating females and spraying/marking their territory as early as 4 months old. Spaying/neutering your pets at 3-4 months old before they hit puberty prevents associated problematic behaviors such as urine marking, yowling, aggression, etc. and provides many health benefits for your pets. Learn more.
Wellness Exams Are Highly Recommended Before Spay/Neuter Surgery
It's important to bring your pets to your regular veterinarian for a full wellness exam before your pet's spay/neuter surgery to help minimize the chance of surgical complications. Learn more.
Spay/Neuter Surgery Pricing
Remember, appointments and deposits are required for all spay/neuter surgeries.
Cat S/N Price Included Free with S/N
Mega Clinic Cats $55 male
$55 female
$55 feral w/eartip
FVRCP (Distemper) Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
Eartipping (feral cats)
Mini Clinic Cats $90 male
$110 female
*$55 feral w/eartip
FVRCP (Distemper) Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
Eartipping (feral cats)
*Eartipping is required for the $55 feral spay/neuter price at the mini clinic.

Dog S/N Price Included Free with S/N
Mega Clinic Dogs N/A N/A
Mini Clinic Dogs
Under 25 lbs
$130 male
$140 female
DAPPV (Distemper/Parvo) Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
25 to 49 lbs
$140 male
$150 female
DAPPV (Distemper/Parvo) Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
50 to 74 lbs
$160 male
$170 female
DAPPV (Distemper/Parvo) Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
75 to 100 lbs
$190 male
$200 female
DAPPV (Distemper/Parvo) Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
Over 100 lbs
$250+ male
$260+ female
DAPPV (Distemper/Parvo) Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
E-Collars, Suture, And Pain Medication
We recommend e-collars for all dogs that are scheduled for spay/neuter surgery to prevent post-operative complications which could result from the dog licking/chewing the incision site. You can bring your own e-collar on the morning of surgery, or you can purchase one at the clinic for $15 to $25 depending on the size needed. We recommend the e-collars which look like inflatable donuts (which we carry at the clinic) rather than the older style cones. This way, your dog will be able to eat with the e-collar on and will be less likely to walk into things.
All suture used at the clinic for spay/neuter surgery is absorbable, so you will not need to return to the clinic for suture removal.
Your cat or dog will be given pain medication while at the clinic for spay/neuter surgery. Cats do not normally need any additional pain medication, and we will provide you with additional pain medication to take home for your dog (already included in the spay/neuter price.) Please do NOT administer any other medication to your cat or dog unless you are directed to do so by a licensed veterinarian.
Cryptorchidism In Male Cats And Dogs
Occasionally, males may have a condition known as cryptorchidism, where either one or both of the testicles have failed to descend into the scrotum. Because of the additional time and expense involved in neutering a cryptorchid cat or dog, there may be an additional charge. Learn more.
Female Cats and Dogs That Are In Heat
Female cats may be fixed while they are in heat. However, we usually recommend rescheduling your appointment for your female dog if she is in heat at the time she is scheduled to be spayed. Learn more.
Brachycephalic Breeds (Dogs And Cats With Short Muzzles/Noses And Flat, Pushed-In Faces)
Certain breeds of dogs and cats are prone to difficult, obstructive breathing because of the shape of their head, muzzle and throat. CSTAR highly recommends having your bracycephalic dog (or cat) fixed at a traditional veterinary practice rather than at a low-cost clinic. Learn more.
Spay/Neuter Surgery Without Vaccinations
Spay/neuter surgery prices remain the same even if your cat or dog does not need/receive vaccinations at the time of surgery. Please see our spay/neuter FAQ and vaccine FAQ pages to confirm that your kitten or puppy is old enough for spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations and to help you determine whether your cat or dog is due for vaccination at the time of surgery. If your cat or dog isn't old enough or isn't due to be vaccinated at the time spay/neuter surgery is performed, you will be responsible for getting your pet vaccinated at your own expense in the future. Vaccinations can be scheduled at a future Spay Our Strays Clinic for $20 each.
Spay/Neuter Financial Assistance
If you are unable to afford to fix your cat or dog, or if you are trapping and fixing large colonies of feral cats and are unable to afford all of the spay/neuter surgery costs, visit Financial Assistance for a list of organizations you can contact for help.
Vaccinations - Starting At Just $20 Each
The following vaccinations are available for cats and dogs at all of our clinics:
Canine Vaccinations - $20 each Feline Vaccinations - $20 each
  • DAPPv (Distemper/Parvo) Vaccination
  • FVRCP (Distemper) Vaccination
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccination
  • Leptospirosis Vaccination
Canine Vaccinations - $30 each Feline Vaccinations - $30 each
  • Lyme Vaccination
  • FeLV (Feline Leukemia) Vaccination
Please see our vaccine FAQ page for recommended vaccination schedules and details about the protection each of the vaccinations provides.
Please read through the information needed section of our appointments page so you can bring any information that we will need regarding your pet's vaccination history to the clinic, such as proof of your pet's most recent rabies vaccination in order to determine if the next rabies vaccination will be due in one or three years.
Additional Clinic Services
Cat Recommended Services Chart
Recommended Services Chart for Cats
There are various additional services available for your cats and dogs at all of our clinics such as FIV/FeLV, heartworm, and lyme testing; parasite treatments; nail trimming; and microchipping. These services can be chosen as part of a package or individually.
If you are unsure about which services your cat or dog may need, take a look at our Recommended Services Charts for cats and for dogs (coming soon), and then see the pricing and package details below.
Bringing in a stray cat or kitten from the outside? Make sure to isolate the cat in a spare room away from your other cats and dogs until the cat has been treated for parasites such as fleas and worms so they don't spread to your other pets. It's also very important to have the stray cat tested for FIV and feline leukemia (FeLV) before the stray cat comes into contact with any other cats in your house so you don't put your other cats at risk. Learn more about bringing a stray cat into your home.
Feline Wellness Package - Comes with a free flea treatment for your cat!
Mega Clinic Special - Sign your cat up for our Wellness Package at our monthly, high-volume mega clinic, and get your cat's flea treatment for free!
Our Wellness Package includes feline spay/neuter surgery, rabies and FVRCP (distemper) vaccinations, FIV/FeLV testing, ear exam, deworming, nail trimming, and microchipping for just $145, and your cat gets a free Frontine Plus or Advantage II flea treatment. This price is valid at the mega clinics only.
Prices for Additional Clinic Services (valid at all Spay Our Strays Clinics)
Cat Price Dog Price
FIV/FeLV Combo Test
(Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, Feline Leukemia)
$30 n/a
Heartworm Test n/a $30
Heartworm/Lyme 4DX Test n/a $40
Fecal Test $40 $40
Flea Treatment
Cat Price Dog Price
Flea Treatment (Capstar) $5 $5
Flea/Tick Treatment/Preventive (Frontline Plus) $10 $15
Flea Treatment/Preventive (Advantage II) $10 $15
Flea/Tick Treatment/Preventive (K9 Advantix II) n/a $15
*Cats and dogs can get tapeworms if they ingest a flea that has the tapeworm parasite inside it, so we recommend tapeworm treatment in addition to flea treatment for cats and dogs that have fleas.
Cat Price Dog Price
Roundworm/Hookworm Treatment (Pyrantel Pamoate) $5 $10
Tapeworm Treatment (Praziquantel) $5 $10 - $20
Ear Check/Ear Mite Treatment
Cat Price Dog Price
Ear Exam w/Ear Mite Check $10 $15
Ear Mite Treatment w/Ear Cleaning (Otomite Plus) $5 $10
Ear Mite Treatment w/Ear Cleaning (Milbemite) $20 $20 - $40
Ear Cleaning Only $10 $15
*Ear exams should be performed prior to administering ear mite treatment to ensure there is no ear infection. Ear mites can be transmitted from one cat or dog to another, so all animals in the house should be checked for signs of ear mites.
Microchipping And Nail Trimming
Cat Price Dog Price
HomeAgain Microchip (w/Lifetime Registration) $30 $30
Feral Cat Microchip (eartipped ferals only) $20 n/a
Nail Trimming $10 $20
Nail Trimming 101: One of our vet techs will teach you how to trim your cat's nails. Includes a free nail trim! $20 n/a
**Heartworm Preventives (Dogs Only)
3 Month Pack 6 Month Pack 12 Month Pack
Tri-Heart Plus Blue up to 25 lbs $15 $25 $50
Tri-Heart Plus Green 26 to 50 lbs $15 $30 $60
Tri-Heart Plus Brown 51 to 100 lbs $20 $35 $70
Tri-Heart Plus Brown/Blue 101 to 125 lbs $35 $60 $120
Tri-Heart Plus Brown/Green 126 to 150 lbs $35 $65 $130
Tri-Heart Plus Brown/Brown 151 to 200 lbs $40 $70 $140
**Dogs over 6 months old must be tested at the clinic for heartworm before heartworm preventives may be purchased. Or, you must show proof that the dog is up to date on monthly preventives and testing. Giving a heartworm preventive to a dog with a heartworm infection can be deadly. CSTAR highly recommends annual heartworm testing for all dogs, including dogs currently taking monthly preventives. Consult your regular veterinarian for more information regarding heartworm infection and prevention.
Please remember, while we do our best to keep prices posted on our website up to date, prices are subject to change. Prices on this page are current as of January 1, 2020.
"To Go" Parasite Treatments - For Cats and Dogs at Home
Parasites are easily transmitted back and forth between pets. For treatments to be most effective, all cats and dogs in your home should be treated at the same time. The prices for our "To Go" Parasite Treatments are the same as the prices for the treatments that are performed at the clinic, which are listed in the table above.
Importance of Wellness Exams
While wellness exams and sick/injured veterinary care are not part of the services that we offer at our clinics, please remember that these are some of the most essential services that your pet needs. But sometimes, these services can get expensive, especially when you have multiple pets, and you're left to choose which vital services you can afford for your pets.
CSTAR's low-cost vaccinations and services provide you with a way to save a little money on many basic but crucial services so you can better afford annual wellness visits, sick visits, medications, and all of the other aspects of veterinary care that your furry family members need to live long, healthy lives.
Remember, proper veterinary care for your pets is essential when they're sick as well as when they're healthy. For more information on why wellness exams are so important and resources for veterinary office recommendations, please visit our Help, I Need to Get My Cat or Dog Other Services page.

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