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While we offer feline spay/neuter surgery at both of our spay/neuter clinics, only our mini clinics are setup to handle canine spay/neuter surgery.
Canine spay/neuter pricing can be found on our services page, and the prices include free rabies and free DAPPV(distemper/parvo) vaccines. Detailed information and pricing about additional available services such as lepto, lyme, and/or bordetella vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventives, microchipping, and more can also be found on our services page.
Please note, appointments and deposits are required for all spay/neuter surgeries. We recommend reading through our Spay/Neuter FAQ to learn more about topics such as cryptorchidism in male dogs, heat cycles in female dogs, the importance of wellness exams, and special concerns with brachycephalic breeds (dogs and cats with short muzzles/noses and flat, pushed-in faces) before scheduling your dog for spay/neuter.
Additionally, while we recommend spay/neuter surgery for all healthy dogs as early as 3-4 months old (this way you catch the females before their first heat and the males before they start displaying aggression and start spraying), we also recommend consulting with your regular veterinarian regarding the best age to spay/neuter your dog, as it can vary with the type of breed he or she is.
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Be sure to check out the following frequently asked questions pages to answer your questions about spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations.
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Do you have any other cats or dogs that are due for their annual vaccinations?
Why not schedule an appointment for them at the same time? With vaccinations at just $15 each, you can get all of your pets up to date on their vaccinations at the same time!

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